Individual Funding Requests (previously called INNF requests)

Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group clinical polices take account of national guidance and evidence-based best practice.

Treatments which are identified on the Effective Clinical Commissioning Policies List as being of Low Priority (INNF) will not normally be funded by the CCG unless exceptionality has been established and agreed via the CCG Individual Funding Request (IFR) route – please submit a completed IFR application form to

In instances where Gloucestershire CCG has set clinical thresholds for treatment (CBA), these must be met in full in order for treatment to be funded by the Commissioners (but prior approval is not required). Where prior approval (PA) is indicated, prior approval must be obtained from the CCG. 

ECCP List 2017

Prior Approval Forms

Other Useful forms and guides

Frequently Asked Questions – Effective Clinical Commissioning Policies List – February 2015

Exceptional Funding – IFR application form

Exceptional funding (IFR) request form GP use only

Prior Approval Standard Operating Procedure March 2016

Criteria Based Assessment procedure  March 2016

Prior Approval process – GP guidance notes – Sept 2014

Gloucestershire Cataract Assessment Questionnaire – October 2014

Policy and appendicies


IFR_Policy_Appendix_1 Experimental Unproven

IFR_Policy_Appendix_2 Ethical Framework

Appendix 3 Standard Operating Procedure

Appendix 4 Appeals Procedure

IFR Policy Appendix 5 Guidance on Service Developments and Cohorts of similar patients

Please note that the Gloucestershire Effective Clinical Commissioning Policies only apply to providers that Gloucestershire CCG has a direct contract with. Generally, this is just providers based within Gloucestershire, but also including Care UK. Other out of county providers are bound by the policies of their lead commissioner, not the polices of Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (for example North Bristol NHS Trust have to apply Bristol CCG’s policies). Therefore, if you are referring out of county please refer to the policies of the appropriate CCG. Links to the main relevant polices are included below for ease of reference:

For Care UK please follow Gloucestershire CCG policies (apply to Gloucestershire CCG)