Tewkesbury, Newent and Staunton

Locality - Tewkesbury, Newent and Staunton

Dr Jeremy Welch

Clinical Commissioning Lead (Tewkesbury, Newent and Staunton)

GP at Jesmond House Surgery

Dr Sarah Fearn

Tewkesbury, Newent and Staunton Executive Committee Chair

GP at Watledge Surgery

Tewkesbury, Newent and Staunton GP Practices

Practice Name

Contact Details (Main Surgery Only)

Church Street Practice 77 Church Street, Tewkesbury, GL20 5RY
Tel: 0844 848 4661
Holts Health Centre Watery Lane, Newent, GL18 1BA
Tel: 01531 820689
Jesmond House Practice Chance Street, Tewkesbury, GL20 5RF
Tel: 01684 292813
The Surgery Corse, Staunton, GL19 3RB
Tel: 01452 840228
Watledge Surgery Barton Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 5QQ
Tel: 01684 293278

Facts and Figures

  • Population of approximately 42,217 people
  • 5 practices
  • 21 GPs
  • Covering Tewkesbury, Newent, Staunton, Corse

Some of our Priorities

  • Social Prescribing – Implement (N&S) and Scale Up in practice models.
  • Reduce Orthopaedic/MSK elective admissions
  • Reduce emergency admissions
  • Practice Variation Reports
  • Care Homes Enhanced Service – reducing admissions
  • Utilisation of Locality Services
  • Pain Management
  • Perinatal Mental Health
  • Paediatrics
  • Excess Weight/Obesity

More information can be found in Tewkesbury’s Locality Development Plan, here.