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Plan ahead for a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year

The NHS in Gloucestershire is urging people to plan in advance and take some simple steps that might help avoid a few festive perils: Be prepared – make sure you get any prescriptions and medicines you might need before the holiday season starts Don’t forget to order your regular prescriptions in advance and make sure you collect enough medication to last throughout the festive period Remember to take your prescribed medication with you if you are visiting family or friends If... Read More

Welcome to the second edition of our bi monthly community partner e-bulletin

We are well aware that our community partners lead busy lives, receiving information from a range of sources every single day and that’s why we have produced the ’60 second bulletin’. The aim is provide you with a brief summary of local developments with an option to read more or watch our videos. On behalf of the CCG, I would like to take this opportunity to extend season’s greetings to you – we look forward to working in continued partnership during 2016. Dr Andy... Read More

Early diagnosis rates for dementia rise to over 66%

GPs and healthcare staff across Gloucestershire are making positive strides to improve dementia care and support with over 66% of people now being diagnosed compared to 32% just six years ago. This improvement, which is based on the estimated number of people with dementia in the county, has been made possible by good engagement between healthcare professionals and follow up on the signs and symptoms. This means that more people with dementia and their carers are receiving early... Read More

Developments in Eye Health – Children’s Visual Screening Success

Avoidable sight loss is being reduced and life choices for children in Gloucestershire are being enhanced thanks to changes in Children’s visual screening. The improved arrangements, for 4 and 5 year old school children, include the screening test for refractive errors and amblyopia (‘lazy eye’). The new electronic system, replacing a paper based approach, uses a lap top and headphones with instructions available in different languages. The more efficient 3 minute test is... Read More

Pulmonary Rehabilitation supports patients in the self-management of their respiratory disease

Real progress is being made in providing people with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) a structured programme of exercise and education to support them in the management of their condition. COPD is the name for a collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways disease. People with COPD have difficulties breathing, primarily due to the narrowing of their airways. Pulmonary Rehabilitation provides people with information... Read More

LDISS recognised as ‘best practice’ service– over 150 people receive support to date

The Learning Disability Intensive Support Service (LDISS) commissioned by the CCG and County Council has been highlighted as ‘best practice’ by NHS England. The service, provided by 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, offers support for children, young people and adults to prevent the need for stays in hospital and facilities outside the county. Available 365 days a year, LDISS can provide hands on support over a 24 hour period to clients and health professionals. The team can also... Read More

Gloucestershire’s NHS secures £85k to promote good mental health in schools

14 schools in Gloucestershire are to benefit from £85,000 worth of funding that will see them work together with local health services to improve children’s mental health. The CCG worked with partners, including Gloucestershire County Council and 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, to submit the county’s case to government in a bid to secure the money. It will mean schools get better support around children’s mental health and easier access to local, specialist mental health... Read More

Social Prescribing scheme underway with the support of Cotswold Friends

A social prescribing scheme was launched in North Cotswolds in November with the aim of making a positive difference to the lives of local people. GPs will be able to refer patients who require support, but do not necessarily have a medical need. The service is provided by local charity, Cotswold Friends, who meet with patients to identify how they can improve their health and wellbeing and link them up with sources of community support (e.g. voluntary groups, activity clubs etc.)... Read More

Prescribing project for Older People gets off the ground

Cheltenham Locality are undertaking an in depth review of medicines prescribed for patients over the age of 85 years, who live independently and are prescribed 10 or more drugs. These patients are at increased risk of side effects and falls which can potentially lead to A&E admissions. This 3 month pilot is being conducted by support pharmacists in 4 GP practices using evidence based guidelines. Once the results of the pilot have been evaluated the Locality will decide if... Read More

Workshop to promote healthy lifestyles

Promoting healthy lifestyles in the Forest of Dean was on the agenda at a recent workshop for GPs and their teams. The event hosted by the Forest of Dean Locality (GP) Executive Group and Forest of Dean District Council, included a range of open discussions and presentations and helped participants to: learn more about services that are currently commissioned to support healthy living identify what can be done to support people in the Forest to live healthier lives find out more... Read More