The CCG, together with Gloucestershire County Council, is stepping up the fight to help people in the county lose weight and stay healthy.

In Gloucestershire, nearly 23.5% of adults are obese – that’s nearly 115,000 people. Obesity can have a significant impact on the health of both adults and children. It reduces our average life expectancy and obese people are often also subjected to bullying and stigmatisation, which can in turn lead to depression and low self-esteem.

In December, the county held a Healthy Weight workshop which more than 60 stakeholders from across the public and voluntary sector attended.

A number of objectives were agreed, and we are excited about taking initiatives forward with our partners, such as working with schools to encourage healthy eating and encouraging planners and licensing authorities to consider footpaths, cycle paths and playing fields in their plans. Other plans include inspiring more people to keep active, for example, through the “Walk a Mile” scheme in schools that encourages children to walk, run or skip a mile each day.

If your organisation would like to help, please contact