Equality Annual Report 2017

An Open Culture 

Appendix – Health profile

Previous Reports

Equality Annual Report 2016

An Open Culture – Engagement – Equality – Experience

Equality Annual Report 2015

Our Annual Report  2015 ‘ An Open culture – Engagement – Equality – Experience’ can be found  Open Culture Annual Report 2015.

Equality Annual Report 2014

Our annual report for 2014, Promoting equality in commissioning: meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty can be found here (see also appendices 1 , 2 and 3).
The report highlights the work Gloucestershire CCG has undertaken towards meeting its general Public Sector Equality Duty, gaps it has identified and action it is planning to take to improve its performance on equalities.

GLCCG Equalities Information – Annual Report 2013/14 (uploaded 31 January 2014)

Employee information

Gloucestershire CCG is committed to:

  • making best use of the range of talent and experience available within our workforce and potential workforce;
  • supporting our workforce through learning and development, recruitment and succession planning;
  • ensuring that our legal obligations are fulfilled.

We will adhere to equality principles across all the protected characteristics within the recruitment, retention, development and management of our workforce and take measures to ensure that any opportunity for discrimination is minimised.

As a relatively new organisation, we do not yet have any significant equality and diversity trend information available regarding our workforce.  However, we will collect this information year on year to enable us to assess our progress, investigate any disparities in outcomes for our different employee groups, and identify where we may need to act.  We recognise that we need to add to our existing employment data and work is currently underway to help us fill these gaps.

Our latest staff and recruitment information is available here.  We are currently updating the information that we have collected in relation to the Workforce Race Equality Standard, but aim to have this available on this section of the website in Spring 2016.