Information about our lists and registers will be made available here as it is produced.  If the information you require is not available here please see how you can make a Freedom of Information request to obtain the information here.

List of main contractors / suppliers

Asset register

The asset register can be found here


Details of the locations of any overt CCTV surveillance cameras operated by or on behalf of the authority can be found here.

Any register of interests kept in the authority

Our full register of interests can be found here. This includes the Governing Body, Senior Staff Members and Committee meeting declarations. This can also be found under the Governing Body section of our website.

Register of Gifts and Hospitality provided to Board members and senior personnel. The register of gifts and hospitality can be found for January 2021 here.

The updated register of Gifts and Hospitality, updated January 2022 is here.

The CCG is required to publish any identified breaches against Conflicts of Interest guidance. To date there have been no identified breaches to report.

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

Responses to previous Freedom of Information Requests are distributed into the following categories: