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Identifying Health Needs

Gloucestershire is a diverse county. It is mainly rural, with two major urban centres of Gloucester and Cheltenham at its heart. Nearly 40% of the county’s population live in Gloucester and Cheltenham. The age structure of the population varies within the county, with the more urban localities tending to have a ‘younger’ profile than the others. Gloucestershire already has a greater proportion of people aged 65 and over than England and Wales. Based on 2005 mid-estimates, this age group makes up 18.2% of the total population compared with 16.1% nationally.

Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group works with Gloucestershire County Council and our partners in the health community to identify the health needs of the communities we serve. This involves collating information about our changing population including age, ethnicity, life expectancy and a wide range of health measures.

This information helps us to make decisions about the design or re-design of our services and how we can use our resources most effectively.

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is a report that helps us to identify the current and future health needs of our communities.

The Director of Public Health Annual Report also provides an overview of the health of the county.