We are a membership organisation and currently our membership includes all of the 74 GP practices in Gloucestershire.

The practices fall within seven localities:

We have 14 Primary Care Networks in Gloucestershire. They can be contacted directly via the email addresses below:

PCN Clinical Director Email Address
Cheltenham Central Dr Robin Hollands glccg.cheltenham-central.pcn@nhs.net
Cheltenham Peripheral Dr Jim Pascoe-Watson glccg.cheltenham-peripheral.pcn@nhs.net
Cheltenham St Pauls Dr Cameron Jackson glccg.cheltenham-st-pauls.pcn@nhs.net
North Cotswolds Dr Hywel Furn Davies glccg.north-cotswold.pcn@nhs.net
South Cotswolds Dr Angus McMyn glccg.south-cotswold.pcn@nhs.net
Forest of Dean Dr Sophia Sandford & Dr Paul Weiss glccg.forest-of-dean.pcn@nhs.net
Gloucester, Aspen Dr Bob Hodges glccg.aspen.pcn@nhs.net
Gloucester, Inner City Dr Teresa Pietroni glccg.inner-city.pcn@nhs.net
Gloucester; North and South Gloucester Dr Jeremy Halliday glccg.nsg.pcn@nhs.net
Gloucester; Rosebank, Hadwen and Quedgeley Dr Jonathan Layzell glccg.rhq.pcn@nhs.net
Stroud and Berkeley Vale; Berkeley Vale Dr Simon Opher & Dr Richard Probert glccg.berkeley-vale.pcn@nhs.net
Stroud and Berkeley Vale; Severn Health Dr Anne Hampton & Dr Vicky Blackburn glccg.severn-health.pcn@nhs.net
Stroud and Berkeley Vale; Stroud Cotswold Dr Kieron Bhargava & Dr Rhys Evans glccg.stroud-cotswold.pcn@nhs.net
Tewkesbury, West Cheltenham, Newent and Staunton Dr Jeremy Welch & Dr Andy Henson glccg.twns.pcn@nhs.net