What is an Integrated Locality Partnership (ILP)

ILPs are partnerships made up of senior leaders of health and social care providers and local government. They work with each other to bring services together and plan how they are delivered to their local populations. They work together as one, ‘integrated’ system to deliver the priorities set out by our health and care partnership. We call this a ‘population based approach’ to improving health and care because it is tailored to the areas that people live in.

Each primary care network is aligned to an integrated locality partnership (ILP). There is an ILP for each of our 6 localities in Gloucestershire; Cheltenham, Cotswolds, Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Stroud & Berkeley Vale and Tewkesbury.

What is a Primary Care Network (PCN)?

A primary care network is made up of a group of GP practices working together, in partnership with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services in their local area.  You can watch a short animation that explains the concept of Primary Care Networks here.

Care is provided in a way that matches people’s needs within a geographical area.

PCNs aim to offer more personalised ‘joined up’ health and social care to the local community. There are 15 PCNs in Gloucestershire and most networks serve between 30,000 to 60,000 patients.

Primary Care Networks:

  • Provide care in different ways to match people’s needs.
  • Offer appointments that work around patients’ lives.
  • Introduce new healthcare professionals to GP practices including paramedics, physiotherapists, pharmacists and mental health professionals.
  • Make better use of technology to support patients.
  • Focus on prevention and personalised care.
  • Make use of collective resources across practices to build greater resilience.

Use the drop down menu to find out more information about our primary care networks, including contact details and websites.

Primary Care Networks by Locality

[nhs-accordion name=”Cheltenham”]

PCN Clinical Director(s) List size Practices Website
Central Dr Robin Hollands
Dr Olesya Atkinson
54,880 Berkeley Place Surgery
Crescent Bakery Surgery
Overton Park Surgery
Royal Cresent Surgery
Underwood Surgery
Yorkleigh Surgery
Peripheral Dr Dave Evans 54,061 Cleevelands Medical Centre
Sixways Clinic
Stoke Road Surgery
The Leckhampton Surgery
Winchcombe Medical Centre
St Paul’s Dr Cameron Jackson 47,760 Corinthian Surgery
Portland Practice
Royal Well Surgery
St Catherine’s Surgery
St George’s Surgery


[nhs-accordion name=”Cotswolds”]

PCN Clinical Director(s) List size Practices Website
North Cotswolds Dr Hywel Furn-Davies 31,656 Campden Surgery
Cotswold Medical Practice
Mann Cottage Surgery
Stow Surgery
White House Surgery
South Cotswolds Dr Angus McMyn 60,698 Cirencester Health Group
Hilary Cottage Surgery
Phoenix Health Group
Rendcomb Surgery
Upper Thames Medical Group


[nhs-accordion name=”Forest of Dean”]

PCN Clinical Director(s) List size Practices Website
Forest of Dean Dr Paul Weiss
Dr Sophia Sandford
64,289 Blakeney Surgery
Coleford Family Doctors
Dockham Road Surgery
Drybrook Surgery
Forest Health Centre
Mitcheldean Surgery
Newnham Surgery
Severnbank Surgery
The Brunston & Lydbrook Practice
The Lydney Practice
Yorkley & Bream Practice


[nhs-accordion name=”Gloucester City”]

PCN Clinical Director(s) List size Practices Website
Aspen Dr Bob Hodges 29,931 Aspen Medical Practice
Inner City Dr Emma Crutchlow and Dr Sasha Bennett 34,532 Partners in Health
Gloucester City Health Centre
Gloucester Health Access Centre
Kingsholm Surgery
North and South Gloucester (NSG) Dr Sharon Drewett 54,094 The Alney Practice
Brockworth Surgery
Churchdown Surgery
Hucclecote Surgery
Longlevens Surgery
Rosebank & Bartongate Dr Jonathan Layzell 35,145 Rosebank Health
Hadwen & Quedgeley (HQ) Dr Mamta Chada
Dr Rob Estelrich
24,601 Quedgeley Medical Centre
The Hadwen Medical Practice


[nhs-accordion name=”Stroud & Berkeley Vale”]

PCN Clinical Director(s) List size Practices Website
Berkeley Vale Dr Richard Probert
Dr Simon Opher
40,668 Acorn Practice
Cam & Uley Family Practice
Culverhay Surgery
The Chipping Surgery
Walnut Tree Practice
Severn Health Dr Anne Hampton
Dr Tom Malins
42,253 Frampton Surgery
High Street Medical Centre
Locking Hill Surgery
Prices Mill Surgery
Regent Street Surgery
Stonehouse Health Clinic N/A
Stroud Valleys Family Practice
Stroud Cotswold Dr Jim Holmes
Dr Will Nattrass
40,074 Beeches Green Surgery
Frithwood Surgery
Minchinhampton Surgery
Painswick Surgery
Rowcroft Medical Centre


[nhs-accordion name=”Tewkesbury, Newent & Staunton”]

PCN Clinical Director(s) List size Practices Website
Tewkesbury, Newent & Staunton Dr Andy Henson
Dr Jeremy Welch
48,260 Church Street Medical Practice
Mythe Medical Practice
Newent Doctors Practice
Staunton & Corse Surgery
West Cheltenham Medical



NHS Gloucestershire Primary Care Strategy

In Gloucestershire we have developed a plan which sets out our ambitious vision for the people of Gloucestershire. We want patients to stay well for longer, access out of hospital care – where appropriate – and to further integrate general practice with other local, primary and community care providers. We have identified 6 goals to help us deliver this plan, and you can read the goals in our Primary Care Strategy.