Sign up to Safety

What is ‘Sign up to Safety’?

Sign up to Safety is a new national patient safety campaign, which aims to strengthen patient safety in the NHS and make it the safest healthcare system in the world. You can find out more about this national campaign on the NHS England website, here.

What does this mean for NHS Gloucestershire CCG?

NHS Gloucestershire CCG has signed up to be a ‘beacon’ site and we will be sharing our passion, knowledge and experience in patient safety with others, to help share learning throughout the NHS.

In the coming months, we will be sharing information from across the local health community about the work we are doing in order to reduce harm in Gloucestershire.

Our pledges:

1. Putting safety first

We will support our providers to reduce harm by:

  • Continuing to establish and strengthen effective early warning systems to ensure detection and prevention of serious failures
  • Strengthening the mechanisms through which concerns relating to safeguarding can be identified and addressed
  •  Working across organisations to identify where harm can be reduced

2. Continually learning

We will take every opportunity to listen and learn by:

  • Using effective methods to gain public and patient feedback, and to listen and respond accordingly
  • Engaging and involving our patients so they can help us design safer services for others
  • Understanding how we can learn from all incidents, complaints and concerns and share the learning across the county of Gloucestershire
  • Continually measuring and monitoring the quality of our providers

3. Being honest

We will create an honest and open culture by:

  • Supporting staff to be honest when things go wrong
  • Supporting the development of simple processes for patients, families and carers and the public to raise concerns and to continue to improve the management of complaints
  • Monitoring our providers’ introduction of ‘duty of candor’

4. Collaborating

We will take a lead role in supporting local collaborative learning by:

  • Listening, encouraging and supporting our staff to identify areas for safety improvement and then take action using a recognised improvement approach
  • Pro-actively looking for new and notable practice
  • Working with Patient Safety Collaboratives and Academic Health Science Networks and other safety institutes to bring and share the best ideas on improvement

5. Being supportive

We will support everyone to improve and celebrate progress by:

  • Within the CCG, establishing a positive, open, fair and lifelong learning culture and ensuring that staff are properly inducted, trained, motivated and supported.
  • Ensuring that both patient and staff satisfaction with local services is monitored and that areas for improvement are identified and implemented at the earliest opportunity.
  • Sharing patient feedback we receive so that lessons can be learnt

Our pledges in action