How your views influence us

NHS Gloucestershire CCG Governing Body Meetings regularly begin with a patient sharing their experiences (see patient stories below). This is one of the ways the Governing Body is assured that patient engagement makes a difference. Other examples are included in section 1  of the image below.

The diagram below demonstrates how your views and experiences influence the work of NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

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Mary Hutton, Accountable Officer and ICS Lead, listens to local views during our Fit for the Future engagement

Patient Stories

NHS Gloucestershire CCG Governing Body Meetings regularly begin with a patient sharing their experiences.

Stories told by individuals from their own perspective provide us with an opportunity to understand their experience of the care they have received helping us to learn the good, the bad and what could be done to improve their experience.

You can read more about using patient stories for quality improvement at the Online library of Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign tools here.

Personality Disorder

At the Governing Body meeting on 26 September 2019, Jo Tym shared her story of Personality Disorder and the need for a specialist personality disorder service in Gloucestershire. You can read her story here.


Statement from Lawrence Fielder GP Lead for Mental Health, LD and Autism:

Jo Tym has been an active member of the personality disorder working group as someone with lived experience she has been instrumental in shaping the CCG’s approach to a PDS service and pathway. The group meets on a bi-monthly basis; Jo has presented to the Governing Body on the importance of a Personality Disorder Service in Gloucestershire and submitted a petition to the Governing Body Chair. With the help of Jo and others with lived experience of PD we have developed a business case for the establishment of Gloucestershire wide Personality Disorder Service to be submitted to the CCG’s Priorities Committee this February.

Health Coaching 

At Governing Body on 28 November 2019, Kirsty Blick, a Community Nurse, shared a story regarding one of her patients who benefited from a health coaching approach. Read more here.

Mental Health

Bill Singh attended the Governing Body meeting on 30 January 2020 to talk about his experience of mental health illness. You can read his story here.