Churchdown Surgery
Clinical Special Interests
Health and Wellbeing Board GP Representative
Neurology Lead
Drug and Alcohol Tender Board Lead
Dementia Clinical Lead for Gloucestershire
Your Health, Your Care Strategy Lead
Joint Peer Review Lead

Hein was appointed as Deputy Clinical Chair in July 2016. Hein has experience working in a number of healthcare systems and has been a partner at Minchinhampton Surgery since 2011 and a Governing Body member (Stroud and Berkeley Vale Locality Commissioning Lead) since 2013.

Hein is a member of the Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Board and works with colleagues across a number of clinical programme areas, including older people (and dementia), neurology, patient safety, carers and end of life care.

Hein has developed a passion for improving the quality of healthcare experienced by service users and achieved through collaborative working. He has positively benefited from his experiences of working in several different health care systems. This interest started with his involvement in Sir John Oldham’s collaborative improvement programme and he has also attended the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Patient Safety Executive Development programme in Boston, USA.