Valuing your experiences – our approach to engagement

Our aim is that you will benefit from good quality, responsive, inclusive services that have been influenced by the views of local people.

Local people’s voices are heard, alongside those of clinicians and managers, when we are planning, developing, procuring, evaluating and monitoring services. We aim to be clear about what you can and cannot influence, explain where there is scope for local decision making, or where we must follow actions mandated by others.  We believe that combining clinical knowledge with your first-hand insight, results in evidence and experience-based commissioning and service design.

Investing the time and effort in building strong and sustainable relationships and engaging in open conversations can avoid surprises, develop trust, confidence and credibility and engender mutual respect. This provides a firm foundation for the development of better services.

Ensuring that we hear from as many people and communities in Gloucestershire as possible, requires us to recognise that the way we seek your feedback and views influences who gets involved. The design of our communication and engagement activity aims to address this.