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Valuing Experience – Our Approach to Engagement

Our aim is that you will benefit from good quality, responsive, inclusive services that have been influenced by the views of local people.

Local people’s voices are heard, alongside those of clinicians and managers, when we are planning, developing, procuring, evaluating and monitoring services. We aim to be clear about what you can and cannot influence, explain where there is scope for local decision making, or where we must follow actions mandated by others.  We believe that combining clinical knowledge with your first-hand insight, results in evidence and experience-based commissioning and service design.

Investing the time and effort in building strong and sustainable relationships and engaging in open conversations can avoid surprises, develop trust, confidence and credibility and engender mutual respect. This provides a firm foundation for the development of better services.

Ensuring that we hear from as many people and communities in Gloucestershire as possible, requires us to recognise that the way we seek your feedback and views influences who gets involved. The design of our communication and engagement activity aims to address this.

Engagement and Experience Strategy

An open culture: a strategy for engagement and experience sets out our commitment to listen to the views of our local communities and involve people in the planning, development and evaluation of services.  The full document is available here. We have recently refreshed this strategy and would thank those that provided feedback.

Legislation and policy

Current legislation and guidance relating to patient engagement and experience can be found here.

Annual reports

Our latest Annual Review and An Open Culture: Engagement-Equality-Experience are available below.  The reports include examples of good practice and demonstrate the local impact of patient and community voice.

An Open Culture: Engagement-Equality-Experience

Useful links and resources

A wide range of engagement resources are available here, together with links to national, regional and local partners.

Meet the team

The Patient Engagement and Experience Team advises the CCG on ways to actively engage our local community; seek feedback on services, plans and proposals; and ensure that the CCG complies with current legislation relating to engagement and equality.

Our skills include:

  • the planning, design and delivery of engagement and consultation activities
  • developing and undertaking survey work and reporting
  • providing support to patients who want to share their experiences of using NHS services, raise a concern, ask questions or need help to access healthcare
  • providing advice on equality good practice
  • Graphic Facilitation
  • training (10 Steps to Even Better Engagement)