The resources contained in this section of the website aim to support our staff with information about our local population to ensure that the services we commission:

  • provide equity of access
  • help reduce health inequalities

Inform Gloucestershire provides a wealth of data about the county and our local population including:

[nhs-accordion name=”Understanding Gloucestershire “]

A Joint Strategic Needs Assessment has been jointly produced by Gloucestershire County Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group and aims to provide a common understanding of the County and its communities for use by decision makers and commissioners of services. It looks at need in the community and how it is expected to change in the future.


[nhs-accordion name=”Mapping and Accessibility “]

This includes maps of administrative boundaries for districts, wards, parishes and electoral divisions.


[nhs-accordion name=”Indices of Deprivation “]

The Indices of Deprivation are national measures based on 37 indicators, which highlight characteristics of deprivation such as unemployment, low income, crime and poor access to education and health services.


[nhs-accordion name=”Population “]

A selection of key tables including latest Census information (2011), Population Projections and Population Analysis of Protected Characteristics.


[nhs-accordion name=”Word bank – NHS words explained “]

In the NHS we use lots of words that are not always clear what they mean. This word bank may be useful for you. Thanks to NHS England for the images. If there are any other words or phrases you would like us to explain then please contact us


Legislation and policy

Current legislation and guidance relating to equality is available here.