Engagement and Experience Strategy

An open culture: a strategy for engagement and experience sets out our commitment to listen to the views of our local communities and involve people in the planning, development and evaluation of services. The full document is available here.

Our engagement strategy celebrates the diversity of our county and recognises the need to ensure we commission services that lead to Better Health Outcomes and Improved Patient Access and Experience (Goals and outcomes of EDS2). You can find out more about how respond to the EDS2 goals and outcomes here

Engagement, Equality and Experience Annual Reports

The Annual Engagement, Equality and Experience Report sets out progress against our equality objectives and highlight our work to promote equality and reduce health inequalities. It gives examples of how NHS Gloucestershire CCG is working hard to ensure that the healthcare experiences and views of the people of Gloucestershire inform our commissioning priorities, service design and delivery.

You can read about our latest report here

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Annual Report 2018 and appendix 1 Health Profile

Annual Report 2017 and appendix 1 Health Profile

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2015


Regular reporting of patient experience and engagement activities at the CCG

Engagement and Experience Reports form part of the regular Quality Reports discussed at NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Committees. These reports promote discussions, ensuring patient and public voices influence decisions about the development and commissioning of services.

Further details of the CCG Governance Structure can be found here

Output of Engagement Reports

At the end of Engagement projects we produce Output of Engagement Reports. An example of this can be found here. These reports include Equality Impact Analysis of the approach to engagement taken and describe the engagement activities and summarise the feedback received into themes. They include considerations and learning points for future engagement and communication activities.

NHS England Strategy and Transformation: Engagement Event

In September 2019, Becky Parish, GCCG Associate Director Engagement and Experience was invited to lead an NHS England Strategy and Transformation regional workshop focusing on Gloucestershire’s systematic approach to engagement.

Using a bespoke engagement tool, based on a well-known board game, the workshop showcased examples of good practice from the Sustainability and Transformation Plan Engagement, through to the Long Term Plan Engagement, culminating in the current Fit for the Future Engagement.

We now use our engagement board game as a way of providing feedback to our local communities. For example, we used this in February 2020 to share Fit for the Future engagement feedback with members of our PPG Network.

Click on the thumbnail to open the PDF for a closer look.

Photograph of the board game