The services are being commissioned because the current contract is ending.

In the future, the services will be commissioned locally and can be tailored to our needs and we will and will continue to seek the highest possible standards of care.

The new services will be in place by November 2015. They will continue to provide:

  • the same range of planned surgery with associated diagnostic and outpatient services,
  • choice about where and when you receive certain clinical procedures
  • high quality clinical care, excellent patient safety and satisfaction.


Phase 1, February 2015 – March 2015 letting you know that the existing contract is ending and asking for your views on your care that you have had at one of the centres.

Phase 2, March 2015 – the commissioning intentions will be agreed and finalised and will be published on our CCG websites. We will also report back on your feedback from phase 1. Each local Healthwatch will be invited to nominate two people to join the contract process as lay assessors

Phase 3 from June 2015 – the contract/s will be awarded by the CCGs, and details made public. Information will be provided on the new service provider/s, any transition arrangements relevant to patients including information on the provider/s as well as arrangements for on-going patient participation in the new service

Phase 4 from November 2015 on going

Healthwatch, and members of existing ISTC patient groups will be invited to nominate representatives to provide lay input into the monitoring and evaluation of the new service.

November 2015 the new contract will begin.