The South Cotswold Locality GPs are involved in the development of appropriate local services to meet the needs of people who experience frailty.

Frailty, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is the condition of being weak and delicate (or fragile).  It is a term widely used to denote a multidimensional syndrome of loss of reserves (energy, physical ability, cognition, health) that gives rise to vulnerability.

In the South Cotswold Locality, we know that there are rising numbers of elderly people who experience frailty and there are also many people of younger age who also experience frailty due to illness.  As part of the project research, we met with Locality patient groups, lay members and voluntary and community organisations to speak with people about their experiences of frailty on March the 10th 2016.  As a follow up from the event we would like to continue hearing the views of people in the Locality through this survey (please note survey is now closed).