Background to the project

Gloucestershire is a demonstrator site for the NHS England Personalised Care programme. As part of embedding Personalised Care as business as usual across the Integrated Care System (ICS), a task and finish group was set up.

Aims of the task and finish group

  • Create a shared vision for personalised care in Gloucestershire,
  • Identify how personalised care can be embedded within the system as, business as usual, within the context of ICS strategies e.g. Health and Wellbeing plan, Leadership and coaching programme, Self Care and Prevention strategies
  • Identify outcome measures for personalised care


The task and finish group has had wide representation from key stakeholder, including an expert by experience and representatives from across the NHS providers in Gloucestershire.

Key messages were developed and taken to a number of partnership boards in order to engage with people in the local community, as well as senior ICS stakeholders

These included

  • Learning Disability (LD) partnership board
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) partnership board
  • Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment partnership board
  • Patient Participation Group (PPG) Network
  • New Models of Care Board
  • Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust Personalisation event for staff and people with lived experience

An example presentation can be viewed here

Learning and outcomes

Feedback about the key statements and people’s experiences will help shape the strategy of personalised care within the ICS going forward.

The opportunity to present helped to answer questions and correct misconceptions about personalised care.

It was encouraging that many people could point to examples where they had experienced personalised care.

Next steps

A final task and finish meeting is planned in March 2020, to finalise the outputs and decide how the work is carried forward into business as usual.