Health and social care leaders in Gloucestershire are placing a greater focus on preventing illness and injury in older age and on developing community support across the county to help people stay independent for longer.

Services have been working together to offer better advice and support to older people in particular, who are at the greatest risk of falling. In Gloucestershire, the number of older people is increasing, and about 35,000 people fall each year, often resulting in distress and loss of confidence, independence and mobility.

One great example of partnership working to reduce harm from falls is between the local NHS, County Council social care and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS), who are advising people on how to make their homes safer on their regular visits.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service carried out over 6,000 home visits to people last year.

This partnership has enabled the Fire Service to expand their Safe and Well visits.  Along with the usual fire safety checks, they now make sure older people are safe at home from other risks.