Dr Andy Seymour

“As a result of partnership working, dermatology patients are benefiting from a new advice and guidance service for GPs. We can now get a second opinion on a patient’s condition from a hospital specialist at the touch of a button.

The hospital doctor reads our electronic message, which can include images of the skin condition for comment, and responds within three days. Dermatology was chosen as many skin problems can be treated by doctors in the patient’s local GP surgery avoiding the need for a hospital visit. As GPs, we receive expert advice which also helps if we have similar cases to deal with.

For many patients it means they can receive a diagnosis and certain treatments close to home and for the hospital it means they can concentrate on treating patients whose condition is more serious.

As part of a pilot project, Gloucester City GPs can now refer patients to a ‘quick to access’ dermatology service at Gloucester Health Access Centre where some of the more common conditions can be treated. These might include eczema, psoriasis and removal of cysts. If successful, it is hoped that this can be rolled out to other parts of the county.

Other advice and guidance services for GPs will also be introduced in other specialities, including haematology and kidney disease.”

Dr Andy Seymour,
Deputy Clinical Chair