Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is set to take on its formal responsibilities from 1 April, promising greater clinical involvement in the development of local health services.

The membership organisation of local GP practices takes over from NHS Gloucestershire and will be responsible for buying (commissioning) health services to meet the needs of local people.

Gloucestershire was one of the first CCGs to be authorised in England late last year.

The CCG will buy services such as emergency care, operations and treatments that are planned in advance and community health services.

CCG members will also bring their knowledge of patient care to look at how services are planned and how the patient’s journey through care can be improved.

Clinical Chair of Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and local GP, Dr Helen Miller said:

“We are looking forward to the challenge and we are in a strong position to move forward thanks to the huge amount of preparatory work done by clinicians across Gloucestershire and the experienced managers who are supporting us.”

“The CCG is led by experienced healthcare professionals who are passionate about securing the highest quality NHS services for local people.”

CCG Commissioning lead GP for Gloucester, Dr Will Haynes said:

“We are starting to develop our clinical programme approach which in simple terms means looking at certain health conditions and looking at the patient’s journey through care. Clinicians are using their knowledge and experience to see how care can be improved and how things can be made to work better.”

CCG Commissioning lead GP for Tewkesbury, Dr Jeremy Welch said:

“We are working with clinical colleagues to improve systems and help different parts of the NHS to work better together. This includes arrangements for patient referral to hospital and managing demand.”

As part of authorisation, the CCG has had to demonstrate that it has strong plans in place for commissioning high quality services for local patients, ensuring strong engagement with partners and communities and ensuring financial stability.