Dr Sadaf Haque, MacMillan GP Cancer Facilitator, was delighted to receive an award on behalf of the CCG from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer for the team’s work to improve early diagnosis and one-year cancer survival rates. She explains the local improvements which are being made to promote high quality care for people living with cancer.

“It was an honour to visit the Houses of Parliament and to be recognised for the work we are doing in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support. We were delighted to be one of 20 CCGs recognised for the improvements we have achieved with our partners.

We are passionate about improving our cancer diagnosis rates and ensuring that people living with cancer in Gloucestershire receive the highest possible quality of care.

Our initial focus was on delivering a large-scale education programme across GP services, and together with Macmillan, we held a series of 17 very successful masterclasses. We subsequently developed a range of online resources, and have executed a quality improvement project which has given us useful learning through an audit of cancer diagnoses.

We are extremely grateful to Macmillan Cancer Support for their generous funding and support for our programme.

Diagnosing and treating cancer can be a complex and sometimes difficult process, particularly with the increasing number of people being affected by cancer, and we are pleased that so much has been achieved in this past year.

We are committed to giving the people of our county the best care we can, and will strive to make more improvements through our clinical education programme, streamlined hospital processes and support in the community.”

Improving diagnosis and survival rates is one part of the Living With and Beyond Cancer Clinical Programme, which is seeking to ensure that anyone affected by cancer has the best chance of recovery and of living an active life.