Dr Caroline Bennett “We are currently working to give patients a greater choice of where and when they receive diagnostic tests. These are tests that help identify what condition or illness a person has.

These developments present a real opportunity to improve access to services in the community for the benefit of people across Gloucestershire.

Increasingly, patients will be able to have a greater range of tests, such as endoscopy, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans at community hospitals and other locations in the community.

This will all help to improve the patient experience and in many cases speed up the patient’s journey through care. Once they have been referred, patients will receive pre-test information, the test will be carried out at a time and place of their choosing and the GP will receive the report.

The GP will then discuss the findings with the patient and if the condition can be managed by the GP then this will speed up care and treatment further.”

Dr Caroline Bennett,
North Cotswolds