NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) has unveiled its inaugural board elected by members to take the organisation forward. We are very pleased to report that our very own Accountable Officer, Mary Hutton, has been elected as the CCG representative for the South West.

The new board represents geographical constituencies, the six NHSCC member networks as well as input from founding partner organisations, NHS Alliance, NAPC, and the NHS Confederation, with three senior advisors.

On her appointment, Mary said: “CCGs have begun to make a real impact and it is important that we have a strong voice as the wider system now makes decisions which impact on CCGs.  NHS Clinical Commissioners is recognised as the voice of CCGs and I am delighted to be appointed to the Board to represent CCG s in the South West.”

Co-Chair, Dr Amanda Doyle said:

“The new NHSCC board is made up of some extremely high calibre people, which showcases the level of leadership in CCGs across England. I am really looking forward to working with them all to drive NHSCC forward and continue to represent the issues that matter to our members, ensuring solutions are found to help commissioners to be able to deliver the best possible health care for their patients and local populations.”

Over 60% of the NHSCC membership cast their votes for the Board giving it a democratic mandate to represent members in the national debate on clinical commissioning.

Co-Chaired by Dr Doyle, chief clinical officer at NHS Blackpool CCG, and Dr Steve Kell, Chair of NHS Bassetlaw CCG, the board is made up of 26 people. It has a blend of clinicians, managers and lay people reflecting the make-up of CCGs across the country and means the board can speak authoritatively on behalf of the NHSCC membership.