The CCG has produced a series of videos which can be watched via our Youtube channel or by clicking the links below.



Annual Review 2017 / 18

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Gamine compares the current state of the education field with medicine and other professions in the early part of the 20th century, and suggests that education will undergo its transformation to a full profession only
when outside pressures force it toAustralia Writings.





Real Life stories

Improving health and developments in healthcare & community support. Explore the videos here.


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ASAP – Illness or Injury? Not sure where to turn? Get advice ASAP

Watch our campaign videos for advice on where to get health advice ASAP.





Joining Up Your Care

As local organisations responsible for health and care in Gloucestershire, we believe that if we work better together – in a more joined-up way – we can transform the quality of people’s care. Watch the videos.