Illness or Injury? Not sure where to turn? Get advice ASAP.

Find out more about your local health options and when you should use them by watching the individual service videos or the full campaign video below.

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Stop! Think… keep A&E clear for real emergencies

Some people really need A&E. Do you? (Gloucestershire)

Some people really need A&E. Do you? (Gloucester City)

Full ASAP Campaign Video

Pop into your local pharmacy

When to make an appointment with your GP surgery

Get advice ASAP Out of Hours

Gloucester Health Access Centre

Visit a Community Minor Injury and Illness Unit

Call NHS 111

Accident & Emergency (A&E)/999 – leave it for emergencies

ASAP Ambassadors

Watch the videos below to find out why these groups/clubs are supporting the ASAP Campaign. If you’d like to be an ambassador, you can sign up to receive materials here.

Stratford Park Skating Club

In the gym 

SOFAB Pan-Disability Sports