Clinical Chair of NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Dr Andy Seymour said:

“Whilst additional funding for GP surgery services is to be welcomed, our local Practices have already been working incredibly hard in Gloucestershire to provide the best possible access to care under great pressure.

The current number of in-person, face to face appointments in the county is increasing and is now almost back to pre-pandemic levels, whilst the total number of all appointments has increased by almost 10%.

However, first and foremost our member GP practices are committed to offering the right kind of care and appointments, based on the nature of the patient’s symptoms, condition and needs. Local practice teams have led innovations in video and telephone consultations and this has been a positive experience for many patents where it suits their lifestyle and working patterns.

General practice in Gloucestershire also has a very strong track record in embracing new ways of working, including the development of practice teams.

We now have clinical pharmacists, physiotherapists, mental health professionals, paramedics and other professionals working within or alongside practice teams – making a big contribution and supporting us to meet the individual needs of patients.

We will work closely with our practices to make the most of the additional funding available to support staffing, appointments and booking systems.”