Clinical Chair of NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Dr Andy Seymour said:

“The majority of care and support is provided in GP surgeries and the community so we welcome any additional funding for the NHS.

This will support the huge strides being made by GP practices and community partners to develop services in their local areas to meet local needs.

Whether it’s increased access to GP surgery appointments and services, other care professionals working in GP surgeries or development of community services in people’s homes and other settings to support recovery and independence, real progress is being made through innovative practice.

Developments in primary and community care also have the added benefit of keeping people out of hospital wherever possible so they can receive care in familiar surroundings.

That said, today’s announcement comes against the backdrop of significant day to day pressure in primary and community services and the very real challenge of recruiting and retaining a highly skilled, professional workforce. Considerable effort is being made in Gloucestershire to develop innovative schemes and offers to ensure the county is promoted as a highly attractive place to work and live.

We would like to recognise the tremendous hard work, dedication and commitment of primary and community care professionals who are doing a fabulous job in challenging circumstances.

We will be looking closely at today’s announcement to understand the impact on the local funding settlement.”

Paul Roberts, Joint Chief Executive at Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust and 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are really pleased to see new money for the NHS being spent in a way which is promoting care outside hospital and about maintaining the independence of vulnerable people in our community.

“It was heartening to see both the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health specifically highlighting the role of community trusts in providing care which in many cases is more appropriate than a hospital bed. This has the joint benefits of offering better outcomes for people, while taking the pressure off our hospitals.

“Our teams are often the unsung heroes of the NHS so it’s great to see them being so clearly recognised. We are in the process of joining up community and mental health care in Gloucestershire, and I’m very happy to see such strong support for the development of innovative services.

“The Government pledge to increase the proportion of money spent on services outside acute hospitals is a welcome sign of the future direction for the NHS, aimed at supporting people in their own homes and communities.

“A lot of work is being done in Gloucestershire to ensure the best possible co-ordination between all our NHS services, so we are in a strong position to realise the benefits of this clear and positive direction in the form of better care for the people we serve.”