Bereavement support for both the person who is dying and those closest to them is a key element of Gloucestershire’s end of life care work.

The CCG is therefore inviting people to attend a screening of ‘A Love that Never Dies’ a beautiful and uplifting documentary by local filmmakers Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris on Wednesday 20th September, 6pm – 8pm at Sanger House, 5220 Valiant Court, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, GL3 4FE (parking is available on site).

The film is a personal journey by two bereaved parents, Jane and Jimmy, whose son died in a road accident in Vietnam five years ago. They now honour him with their own road trip across the USA and on the way they meet with other families who have also lost a child. They hear some remarkable stories of survival – a mother’s attempted suicide, the love story of two parents who only met because of their loss, the struggle of a family who wonder whether they are to blame for their son’s death. Watch the trailer below.

Light nibbles will be provided from 6pm with a brief introduction from Jane and Jimmy before the film starts. They will be pleased to answer any questions you may have after the film is shown and the evening will close at 8pm.

Contact Sue Baker ( 0300 421 1819) to book your place.

“It’s about not shying away from grief, of not letting go but of continuing the bond with the deceased and finding rewards where we expected none.” Jane Harris (director)

“Grief is something that we will all experience in our lives; to know that it is unique in its shape and duration, is a hugely important message to share. It reminds us to give each other support in whatever form we need it to be.” Dr Emma Husbands (Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)