Chair of NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Dr Helen Miller said:

“Within the county, we have been able to make significant progress in improving physical and mental healthcare, bringing health and social care services closer together and developing wider community partnerships.

We have done this by effective joint working at locality level and the one Gloucestershire approach – maximising use of the resources available.

We believe strongly that patients in the Cotswolds stand to benefit further if the current district remains fully aligned with the Gloucestershire county boundary.

As such, we believe that with the strong partnerships we have, we are well placed in Gloucestershire to progress with ever closer integration of health and social care leading to further improvements in communication between professionals and services that are better co-ordinated.

We feel that this effective joint working could be adversely affected by the outline unitary proposal.

Improving health and wellbeing and meeting the care needs of local people across the county is of paramount importance to us. We will work with our partners in Gloucestershire to consider our response to any detailed proposals from the districts.”