The hospital’s 30 beds will provide quality care and a comfortable environment for patients transferred from Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the community.

This is part of a system-wide approach to ensuring the best use of resources, while prioritising patient comfort and safety, and reducing the risk of infection.

Patients who have been recently cared for at the hospital have been discharged appropriately into other care environments, depending on their needs.

Infection prevention and control will be carefully managed – both within the hospital and while patients are being transferred.

Other services previously provided at Tewkesbury Hospital, such as the Minor Injury and Illness Unit and day case surgery, have been temporarily suspended.

Director of Nursing, Quality and Therapies at Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust, John Trevains said:

“Sadly, we are seeing increasing numbers of patients in the county who require hospitalisation due to Coronavirus.

Tewkesbury Hospital will play a key role in providing high quality nursing care to patients and at the same time free up beds in Gloucester and Cheltenham for those who continue to need intensive and specialist medical care.

The beds and staff at Tewkesbury Hospital will also be available to support patients with Covid-19 from a community setting.

We are grateful to colleagues at Tewkesbury Hospital for making this possible, and to our wider community, patients and carers for supporting us and our NHS partners during this challenging time. We are also keeping wider capacity under constant review. “