The Minor Injury and Illness Unit in Tewkesbury will be temporarily closed from 8pm this evening (Sunday 19 December).

The unit will be repurposed to provide care and treatment for people with Covid-19, who require a specific type of medical intervention called Neutralising Monoclonal Antibodies (nMABs).

John Trevains, Director of Nursing, Therapies and Quality at Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Tewkesbury MIIU, said: “This is a new treatment, which has only been made available since 16 December. It is delivered through a drip to people aged 12 and above, who have tested positive for Covid and are at highest risk of getting seriously ill. Tewkesbury MIIU will be used to deliver the treatment for people across Gloucestershire and we hope will help people from our county to remain well enough to recover at home, reducing the impact on them as well as the healthcare system.”

Patients who would ordinarily attend Tewkesbury MIIU will be redirected to other units, with the best way of seeking medical advice ringing NHS111, visiting or calling the local MIIU triage line on 0300 421 7777.

Anyone needing urgent medical help* should call 999.

More information on Covid treatments (including nMABs) can be found here: Treatments for coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS