“One of the key strands of the recent NHS reforms is to put GPs and other clinicians in the driving seat for the buying (commissioning) of health services to meet the needs of you, your family and your local community.

These services in the patient’s home, community clinics and local hospitals are provided by a range of healthcare organisations, such as NHS Trusts.

From 1 April, we (the CCG) will be responsible for buying your local health services such as emergency care services, operations and treatments that are planned in advance and community services.

We will take over these responsibilities from NHS Gloucestershire.

As CCG members we will also bring our knowledge of patient care to look at how services are planned and how the patient’s journey through care can be improved.

We are already getting actively involved in looking at how we can join up services, reduce delays and improve the patient’s overall experience of care (take a look at the ‘Making services work better’ part of the site).

We have plans in place to promote the CCG over the coming months so people can get more involved in our work – in particular we will be telling you more about what’s happening near to where you live.

We hope you enjoy looking around our new website and I look forward to adding to my blog on a regular basis.”

Dr Helen Miller

Clinical Chair, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group