With summer now in full swing, the NHS in Gloucestershire is urging people to keep healthy by taking some simple steps before going on holiday and thinking twice before heading to A&E or calling 999 when it’s not an emergency.

  • If you are ill or injured and are not sure where to turn:
    • visit asapglos.nhs.uk
    • download the ASAP Glos NHS App free from your App store
    • call NHS111 or
    • visit the pharmacy for advice
  • Be prepared – make sure you get any prescriptions and medicines you might need before you head off on holiday, and remember to take it with you when you travel
  • Don’t forget to order your regular prescriptions in advance
  • If you do run out of your normal prescribed medicines in the UK, most community pharmacies can help if you need an urgent prescription
  • Keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet at home, including medicines such as paracetamol which can treat a number of everyday illnesses
  • Take early action – if you have a long term health condition and are starting to feel unwell, seek advice from your local pharmacy to prevent anything more serious
  • Use common sense if there’s another heatwave – stay cool, drink plenty of water and use sun screen
  • Remember that some people, such as those with heart or lung conditions, older people, babies and young children, can be particularly vulnerable to hot weather, so offer support when it’s needed
  • Use Emergency Services wisely – call 999 only when it’s a serious injury or a life threatening situation such as unconsciousness, heavy loss of blood, severe chest pain or stroke

Dr Hein Le Roux, GP and Deputy Clinical Chair at the CCG said:

“Please think about planning ahead of your holiday to ensure that you and your family are well prepared.
The range of healthcare options available is often greater than people realise, and for non-emergencies, A&E isn’t the place to go.

Remember that A&E is there to help people with life threatening emergencies. Before turning up or calling 999, ask yourself if you really need A&E.

Specialty Director for Unscheduled Care at GHNHSFT Prof Mark Pietroni:

“Our emergency departments are really for patients requiring emergency care for serious and life-threatening conditions. Please ensure you use the service carefully so we can best support those who need it most, such as people with chest pain or blood loss, fractures, or who are blacking out or choking.

“Our emergency departments may not be the most appropriate place for you to come to seek medical advice and help. If your condition is not an emergency there are alternative services that you can access across Gloucestershire and closer to home.”

If you are ill or injured and are not sure where to turn, visit www.asapglos.nhs.uk, download the ASAP Glos NHS App free from your App store, call NHS111 or visit the pharmacy for advice.