Do you feel that the people you talk to in health or social care really understand what is important to you?

What matters to you? day is about having more meaningful conversations, about listening to understand. It is a day for health and social care professionals to stop and think a little more about how they are listening, who they are listening to and what they are doing as a result.

On and around 6 June, we are encouraging doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers and others who work in public services across Gloucestershire to have a ‘What matters to you?’ conversation. Working with the people they support, they will consider what matters to you  and what they did differently as a result of the conversation.

Jane Haros, Queens Nurse and Associate Director of Nursing at NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group said:

What matters to you? day will help health and social care professionals like me to get the best possible outcome for the people we care for by really understanding the things that are important to them.

What matters to you? day is an important opportunity for us to stop and think about how we are listening.  It helps to establish meaningful relationships with the people we work with and to understand what is important to them in the context of their own lives.

Having more meaningful conversations helps us to focus on what provides the most benefit to people. This enables us to do our jobs more effectively and it helps people to live lives that are meaningful and fulfilling for them – it’s win-win!”

The NHS Gloucestershire Information Bus will be promoting this message at Budgens in Moreton in Marsh from 10am – 3pm on 6 June. Everyone is welcome to visit the bus where you can talk about What Matters to You.