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Slips and falls

Fear of falling is a concern for many older people but falls are not an inevitable part of getting old. The risk of falling is increased by certain health and age-related changes, including:

  • Use of some medications. Make sure your doctor reviews any medicines you take regularly.
  • Loss of flexibility and fitness. Keep active! Especially with strength and balance training.
  • Poor eyesight. Check with your GP to find out if you are eligible for free eye tests.

Some hazards in your home can add to the risk of falling. Make sure you look out for:

  • Cluttered floors and stairs.
  • Lack of hand and grab rails on the stairs and in bathrooms.
  • Poor lighting.
  • Loose rugs and other trip hazards such as trailing cables and wires.
  • Slippery floors.

For information about the Falls and Bone Health Services run across the county, visit the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust website, here.

For strength and balance exercises you can do at home, visit