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The patient view

Keith Douglas, 65, from Cheltenham had a heart attack in January and has been using Telehealth for a few months now.

I had a heart attack in January which was a bit of a shock. I received treatment in Bristol and went there for some follow ups but was referred to local nurses for ongoing care and support.

I attended a local six week course, once a week, run by nurses and had discussions about how to look after myself. My local NHS service recommended that I use Telehealth to help me look after myself alongside a nurse who would visit once a month.

A nurse in specialises in helping people who had heart failure came with the equipment which included a blood pressure monitor and scales.

I was quite weak when I came out of hospital and needed help with things like getting into a shower but as I started to improve I was able to watch my weight using the equipment and understand the trends, particularly in relation to water retention.

Without the equipment I would probably have needed more telephone calls to monitor my condition and more visits to the hospital for tests.

I didn’t know anything about Telehealth before I had the equipment. I’d never heard of it before but it has been important for me to have someone watching and keeping a record of my health in this way. Any issues with using the equipment were very small and I’ve been supported throughout

I have the reassurance of knowing that if I miss something, it will get picked up. I’m on medication help me manage my condition but I can and do get things wrong but he equipment helps me understand if I am doing something wrong and what I need to do. For example if I go for a long walk and the next day don’t feel as well I can see by what the statistics are showing me that I might have pushed it too far. It has given me more confidence about how I can do things. I know when I’ve overstepped the mark. It is helping me speed up my recovery.

My overall message to people is Telehealth works.