Healthy teeth and gums, and a mouth free from disease, are important. It is important therefore to visit a dentist regularly.

Your dentist can:

  • provide regular check ups on your teeth and gums (adults should have a check up at least every two years, under 18s at least once a year)
  • teach you how to look after your teeth and gums to prevent problems
  • restore teeth damaged or lost due to decay, in an accident or other reasons

NHS Gloucestershire is responsible for NHS dentistry in the area. NHS dentists have agreed to provide NHS dental services for the local community. You can see an NHS dentist anywhere in the county – you are not restricted by your postcode.

If you do not currently access NHS Dentistry find a local dentist who has places available either by using the service finder, searching through NHS Choices, contacting our dental helpline.

Alternatively you can use the NHS Choices mobile option. Text ‘dentist’ to 64746 or ‘NHSGO’ from your mobile phone. NHS Choices will send you up to three text messages with the results that are nearest to your location from the area where you need a dentist.

In the event of an emergency:

General Dentistry:

Patients who regularly attend a specific Dental Practice (for NHS or Private treatment) should contact the practice they normally attend.  When that practice is closed an answer machine will provide details about how to contact an on-call dentist for urgent treatment.

Dental Access Centre:

An urgent dental service is delivered from Dental Access Centre Southgate Moorings, Gloucester.  For patients with urgent NHS Dental needs please telephone NHS 111.