NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group clinical polices take account of national guidance and evidence-based best practice.

Treatments which are identified on the Effective Clinical Commissioning Policies List as being of Low Priority (INNF) will not normally be funded by the CCG unless exceptionality has been established and agreed via the CCG Individual Funding Request (IFR) route – please submit a completed IFR application form to glccg.ifr@nhs.net.

Applications will only be accepted from clinicians or other health care professionals involved in the care of the patient. The CCG does not accept applications from patients or their non-clinical representatives.

In instances where Gloucestershire CCG has set clinical thresholds for treatment (CBA), these must be met in full in order for treatment to be funded by the Commissioners (but prior approval is not required). Where prior approval (PA) is indicated, prior approval must be obtained from the CCG. 

Effective Clinical Commissioning Policies (ECCP) -Master-List

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