NHS Prescription Ordering Line (POL)

What is the NHS Prescription Ordering Line (POL)?

The POL is an easy service for you to use to order your repeat prescriptions.

All you need to do is phone 0300 421 1215.

You will speak to a dedicated receptionist, who will be able to order your repeat prescription from your Doctor’s surgery and either send your prescription directly to your normal pharmacy or have it ready for you to collect from your surgery.

POL is currently being piloted in a small number of practices in Gloucester City. If successful, the service will be extended to further practices in due course.

Why use this new service?
The POL service makes ordering your repeat prescriptions quicker and easier. Most surgeries do not accept repeat medicines requests over the phone and this new service will enable you to do this.

Who will you talk to?

Your call will be answered by a fully trained receptionist, who will order your prescription in a friendly and efficient way. They will discuss your medication requirements with you, and will let you know if you need a medication review with your Doctor*.

* The receptionist will only access the personal information that is relevant to your request. Your personal information is secure and confidential in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If a family member currently orders your prescriptions for you, you will need to give your consent for them to continue doing this through the POL.

Why are we offering this new service?

We are introducing this service to provide an easier way for you to obtain repeat medicines, while reducing wasted medicines for the NHS. Once the medicines have been supplied to patients they cannot legally be used for anyone else. We want to make sure that you receive the correct amount of medicines, in the most timely and efficient way.

I am happy with my existing service. Do I have to change?

You can still order your medicines in the following ways if you’d prefer:

  • By post or by handing your own written request to your Doctor’s surgery
  • By ordering online*

*Please contact your Doctor’s surgery if you wish to discuss this option.

When will the prescription be ready?

Your prescription will be provided by your Doctor, in the usual way and time frame (48hrs– 72hrs).

Can my Pharmacy/Chemist still deliver my prescriptions?

YES. This service will not affect the way you obtain your medicines.